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    Why Green Facility?

    Service Offered

    Helpling values trust and quality of service.

    Professional and Trusted Cleaners

    Helpling has partnered up with the best professional cleaning agencies in Australia and we ensure the cleaners are rated and peer-reviewed.

    The best platform to find your cleaner

    Use our website  to book a cleaner or manage your appointments. You can also chat and send emails to your cleaner from your account.

    Reliable Customer Service

    Our customer service team is ready to help you with any inquiries you have during office hours, Monday-Friday 9AM-6PM.

    A Brief History

    Green Facility was established by known contractors who has been in the field since 2008. We are committed on giving the best quality service with the lowest possible price. We are our own boss and not a sub-contracting company unlike the others. We are committed on achieving excellence within the commercial cleaning industry because we believe a clean and safe environment is something that everyone deserves. Our staff are well equipped with knowledge and certified to ensure safety and give you the best service that you deserve! 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed!

    Certifications and Insurances

    Pinnacle Safety and Training is a nationwide industry leader in the provision of safety training and related safety services. We aim to help our clients improve their safety results, meet their work health and safety obligations, develop their safety culture, and most importantly, keep their people safe.

    All NSW employers require workers insurance to protect their workers against workplace injury or illness.

    Cm3, Australia’s leading online Contractor OHS/WHS Pre-qualification system. Cm3 addresses the need for both contractors, and the organisations they conduct work for, to demonstrate contractor health and safety management capabilities, along with providing assistance for organisations to better manage their contractors around health and safety requirements. Safety Plus Australia fully complies to the Cm3 programme, which provides assurance that we meet all the levels of criteria set out by Cm3.

    Our founders were troubled by the merry-go-round small businesses had to go on just to get the right insurance cover for their business. So they set out to give small businesses a fair go – in an industry dominated by big players, time consuming paperwork, lack of transparency and poor service levels. They boldly disrupted the insurance market by creating BizCover, an online service to simplify comparing and buying business insurance from some of Australia’s leading insurers.

    Smartek is considered the foundation for best practice compliance which assures corporate governance and the management and avoidance of risk within the business.

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    Suite 1A level 2, 802 Pacific Hwy Gordon NSW 2072