About Green Facility

Green Facility was established by known contractors who has been in the field since 2008. We are committed on giving the best quality service with the lowest possible price. We are our own boss and not a sub-contracting company unlike the others. We are committed on achieving excellence within the commercial cleaning industry because we believe a clean and safe environment is something that everyone deserves. Our staff are well equipped with knowledge and certified to ensure safety and give you the best service that you deserve! 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed!

Cleaning isn't just about aesthetics and looking good. It's about looking after the environment in the broader sense. Today, our clients look for evidence that we go about our business in a responsible way. we like to lead green initiatives in everything that we do.

Not only do we carefully select the products we use to make sure they minimise pollution, we make sure we use solutions where a little goes a long way. We think about the packaging they come in, what happens when you dispose of bottles and other containers. We think about the vehicles we use to get to you, the rotas we plan to cut fuel consumption (and travel time).

As part of our pre-contract assessment, we will identify the most appropriate products to ensure we minimize energy usage and keep the consumption of materials to a minimum.