School / College Cleaning

Regular Cleaning of School/college includes:

  • Rubbish Collection
  • Spot clean main glass doors
  • Vaccuming carpets and hard floor
  • Wiping Tables
  • Clean all the toilets areas and filling toilet papers and towel
  • Clean water turfs
  • Mooping all the hard floors
  • Clean Kitchen

Yearly Holiday Deep Cleaning Of School/College includes:

  • Detail Cleaning of toilets and shower which includes wall, sink,
    toilet bowls and partitions.
  • Cleaning of windows ledges, wall ledges, cobweb removing,
    high dusting, work desk and students desk cleaning, removing
    marks from wall, playground cleaning(with blower)
  • Polishing of all vinyl floor, tile and grout clean, floor scrub,
    pressure wash
  • Steam clean all the carpet areas
  • Windows cleaning as required

Quarterly Holiday Deep Cleaning Of School/College includes:

Same as above expect we don’t have to do carpet cleaning and floor
polishing. We just scrub floor instead of polishing. Its depend on
customer what they want to do.

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