Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Shops, offices, aged care,Hospitals,Schools, church and colleges can take quite a kicking, especially underfoot. As well as Daily Cleaning routines that vacuum wall-to-wall carpets and exotic rugs, Mayfair Cleaning has a range of carpet cleaning options that can bring any pile back to life.
Wherever the signs are that you’ve endured a heavy footfall of human traffic – from reception on the ground floor to the boardroom on the top floor – we’ll choose a carpet cleaning option that fits in with you. Our cleaning services take account of treatments you’ve had before and how long before busy feet start padding up and down your floors and stairs.
Wet Extraction: Using environmentally friendly cleaning solutions that are heated to a precise temperature, we will spray your carpets and vacuum them clean. (One of the most effective methods, we will recommend against it if your carpets have a history of dry powder cleaning. This is to avoid the kind of staining that occurs when wet extraction reacts with the residues left by the dry method.) Dry Powder – carpets are thoroughly vacuumed before the application of a special pre-spray. Powder granules are then evenly distributed over the carpet to absorb the pre-spray, lifting the dirt in the process. To finish, the granules are vacuumed away. Dry Fusion – ideal for dense, short pile carpets and carpet tiles, surfaces are pre-treated with a neutral ph chemical cleaning spray before being gently scrubbed using a low-speed rotary action and a temperature adjustable heated plate. Carpets can be walked on immediately after being cleaned and any dampness will be dry in 10 minutes. Bonnet Buffing – rotary floor machines featuring pads soaked in eco-friendly carpet cleaning solutions will go to work on lighter spills and stains.

Our Cleaning Process:

  1. Carpet Pre Inspection
  2. Pre Vacuum
  3. Move Basic Furniture
  4. Carpet Pre Spray
  5. Steam Or Dry Clean

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